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Human trafficking has become a hot topic recently, but it has been going on a long time. Most of us believe it doesn’t exist in our neighborhoods, but we are wrong; human trafficking is pervasive and well hidden in Northwest Florida communities. We think the face of trafficking looks like an Asian woman living in the US illegally and working in a massage parlor offering additional services for additional fees.

The University of West Florida’s Ninth Annual Women in Leadership Conference (WILC) has something for every woman, no matter what stage her career. Sherry Hartnett, Founding Chairperson, elaborates, “Young professionals will proactively manage their growth and development to prepare for their desired leadership roles. Seasoned professionals will leverage unique strengths to thrive and succeed in current and future leadership roles.”

Gaby’s Taqueria is Pensacola’s newest upscale food truck experience. Gaby’s offers a different aesthetic and California-Mexican inspired food at the location at 104 East Gregory Street. What sets this Mexican restaurant apart from dozens of others in Pensacola? Gabriel “Gabe” Hernandez, one of the owners, readily admits it isn’t the food. “There is no new food. Gaby’s is experience based. The high level of service.

Thirty-one years ago, Monica Sanford’s son was born with a severe congenital heart defect, requiring five heart surgeries before he was 10 years old. The event changed the trajectory of her life forever--from business to healthcare. She went to nursing school to learn how to take care of her son. Sanford Says, “I tell him that his life changed the purpose of my life and that he has saved so many patients through me. My healthcare advocacy stems from wanting every car